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Greetings guys! Working on a couple of oil paintings and couple digital projects atm. Can't show you much right now but here is a photo of my man-cave as it is right now :D 

Valkyries - Oil on Canvas 18x24''

Finally finished!



This was the 2nd painting of the batch. It's almost done just need to adjust some values and details. 

This was supposed to be the digital color study hopefully the final oil painting will keep the feel

WIP shot of Valkyries The 2nd Painting of my new batch of paintings from alexxx on Vimeo.

Self-Portrait - Oils on Canvas

I had the chance to finish a little oil sketch (4x5in) . It was a nice practice and I some people told me they would like me to sell it so I put it on my Etsy store if you wish to buy it. I hope you guys like it!

Imagineria Romantica

Got a new show coming up this May 18th. Doing a bipersonal exhibition of my decks with my good old friend Eduardo Deza, a very talented painter and comrade. The place is Tostaduria Bisetti in Lima Peru. In case you happen to be here by any chance. 

Here is one of his quick painting which he also sells on his Etsy store

Expo - Decks - Alex Castaneda 

Thanx to everyone that stopped by the opening day!