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Lotus 20 x 24''



Sketch Timah!!!

I know I owe you guys way more sketches but here are some ;) hope you dig them!

GDC 2012 in 5 Min.

My GDC experience in 5 min! 

Going to GDC 2012

Yes! I'll be going to GDC San Francisco this year. For anyone interested If any of you are on the area let me know it would be cool to meet some of you that have been following my blog. Cheers! 


YES! The end of the year is almost here and I have something special to tell you guys! I will giveaway one of the skateboards from my first batch ONLY if I reach 5,000 followers on twitter by December 30th. If my goal is reached in time I will then choose a random follower and send him the deck whereever he lives, so yes it is a worldwide contest! Spread the word and good luck!