Alex Castañeda, (June 21,1985)

Fine artist and freelance illustrator.





Wilfredo Alex Castañeda Paulino was born on June 21, 1985, Lima-Peru. He started his art career in 2003 at the Universidad de Las Americas Puebla, in Puebla-Mexico, where he studied one year and then returned back to his home land Peru (2004). Once there, he entered the fine arts school Corriente Alterna and graduated in 2009. Alex Castañeda’s work varies from 10 feet oil on canvas paintings to oil painted wooden skateboards. Most of his work is based on the human body, from the female nudes on skateboards to the women and monsters on his big canvas pieces which he renders with a classic touch of academicism. This reflects his admiration for the old masters like John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla and Anderns Zorn. He also touches local political themes that deal with corruption and the abuse of authority. He also works as a freelance CG illustrator.