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Captain Future!

So me and some friends were doing this activity just for fun. Redesigning some of the characters of the series. This is what I am right now with the w.i.p. 

Original Art:


Calle Larco

A little doodle of the streets of lima :)

New Flyer - WIP

Yes more nudes!


more wips!

Berlin Entry

Sorry for the lack of updates guys I've been quite busy again. I will be in a collective show in Berlin I won't be in person but I'm submitting a digital entry. This a detail of what I have so far. Hope you like! 

Digital Figurative Painting Atelier 

It's a shame I can't show you the follow up of the previous post I had to take away. NDA's. In the meanwhile I did this video of a digital figurative painting class I will be giving at Vas-School here in Lima.