Alexxx: I am currently available for commissions!


And more sketches! (I love me some Copic Markers)

Diana of Versailles

Been watching a lot of Lady Oscar (The Rose of Versailles) with my fiancée Diana and came up with this!

Calle Larco

A little doodle of the streets of lima :)

Oil Painting Classes

Recently we just launched a new atelier at Vas-School. Don't miss the chance of taking classes with my super talented fellow Eduardo Deza if you are nearby Lima. It will be quite an experience!


More sketches!

Imagineria Romantica

Got a new show coming up this May 18th. Doing a bipersonal exhibition of my decks with my good old friend Eduardo Deza, a very talented painter and comrade. The place is Tostaduria Bisetti in Lima Peru. In case you happen to be here by any chance. 

Here is one of his quick painting which he also sells on his Etsy store

Diana - WIP

It's been a while since I ever painted anything with real oils, now it's time to dust off the oils and paint again! Plus is there a better feeling than painting your muse? ;) 

Sketch Timah!!!

I know I owe you guys way more sketches but here are some ;) hope you dig them!

GDC 2012 in 5 Min.

My GDC experience in 5 min! 

Class Sketches

Some drawings I do while the kids draw ;)