Alexxx: I am currently available for commissions!

Diana - WIP

It's been a while since I ever painted anything with real oils, now it's time to dust off the oils and paint again! Plus is there a better feeling than painting your muse? ;) 

Sketch Timah!!!

I know I owe you guys way more sketches but here are some ;) hope you dig them!

GDC 2012 in 5 Min.

My GDC experience in 5 min! 

Class Sketches

Some drawings I do while the kids draw ;)

Going to GDC 2012

Yes! I'll be going to GDC San Francisco this year. For anyone interested If any of you are on the area let me know it would be cool to meet some of you that have been following my blog. Cheers! 

New Flyer - WIP

Yes more nudes!

Afternoon Sketch

Practicing with gray markers and white pit.


An idea for a plausible project. Hope it sees the light!

Some Sketches and a video!

Did these with my drawing group on Saturday, I'll embed the video of the session hope you enjoy it ;)

And a little pic of my studio

Hard Graft

Hey guys been a while! Doing a lil shout out for the folks at Hard Graft, their stuff is boss!