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Brand New Skates

Finally! Got my brand new decks, 10 decks in total. My brand new batch is in the making. I will now look for some models and will start dusting off the oils again. I will let you know when I start painting these, make sure you add my on tweeter or facebook. cheers!


Artificial Sweeteners

Just like I finished my paintings for school my gf did too. Here's a peek at her project on artificial sweeteners, oils on canvas. More at her blog:

Intel Brief

Hello my dear people! Art school is now over. I have been taking some time off resting from the late nights sleeping and playing No More Heroes on wii; I love it! I have been arranging some figuredrawing sessions with a friend and my gf for next week, I wanna get back in shape with my live digital skills but also I have ordered 10 blank skateboards for a potential next batch of oil painted decks. Also I might do some Live digital painting demo videos and perhaps sell them on here. I will also resume my Maya classes with Eduardo Chavez. Over all I have decided to use this time to enhance my portfolio with personal work, which I couldn't do when I had school works sucking up all my spare time. hope you guys enjoy the holidays and have a terrific time with your family and loved ones!



Still Painting!!! 

Yeah I'm still finishing my last 2 paintings of the semester. I've embedded the ustream player in the right so if you got good timing you can check me out painting or just pretty much just walk around all day long!