Alexxx: I am currently available for commissions!

Still Painting!!! 

Yeah I'm still finishing my last 2 paintings of the semester. I've embedded the ustream player in the right so if you got good timing you can check me out painting or just pretty much just walk around all day long! 


Just a doodling around


Back again!

As you may or may not know there was a little accident with the big blue painting, it fell and ripped, thankfully it was a little one and so it is now fixed thanks to my ex drawing teacher Carla Palma. I haven't finished yet! I had it on hold while things were getting fixed I started the 2nd Painting. Here they are on their current stages:



Sketch for the second painting.

Last chance!!!

Saved these from the local art gallery here in Lima. These are the last 2 skates from the batch of 7. I want to get rid of them so if you email me I will give you a special discount! Cheers!!!