Alexxx: I am currently available for commissions!

Mango Kitsch Logo

Take 1. Which one of these Logos do you like best for a modern art store? I did these before going to sleep today-- drafts for an upcoming project.

More wips

started this painting on monday. It's 1.80m x 1m. My gf let me her camera so I can update this a bit. have 3 weeks to finish this. Gotta drink lots of redbulls!

This is a stick up!

My brother got robbed, his wallet, the car key and MY CAMERA... also my citizen watch. *Sigh* Well that one was a sony had a good resolution I guess time to move to Canon. I'll do a lil research on which one to buy. It would be nice some lil HD video recording. I think that would be the Mark II? kinda pricy... anyways letting you know cuz I have some new oil stuff on the making I wanted to take progress pics off T_T

Welcome June

Darn, I can't believe we are June already. My Birthday is coming on the 21st. Been a bit slow these days. I should start a new painting pretty soon. No time for my beloved figure drawing in a while. I feel I'm getting a bit rusty. Don't follow my bad example and start drawing 24/7! Anyways Hope to come with some new stuff.


Hey! Just came back from my acupunture session. Btw I was chosen to do a 1min clip about my home land Lima that will be exposed in an art fair at Shangai. Thanks a lot to Thomas Bakker for his enthusiasm and wise advice! Below you will see a wip painting I'm doing painting class.




Monday Morning Scans

Got some scans from the past weeks


Slow Sunday 

I just bought two tickets to go see Andrea Bocelli this wednesday. Looking forward to it! Mean while I'm sticking to the cops painting. Plus a lil sneak of my studio.


Welcome to my new site!

The skate proyect was a success! Unfortunately I won't be making more in a while. New projects are starting so I'll dedicate 24/7 to them. A big thanx to all that supported me, I really apreciate it!

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